Dobot CR6-5

DOBOT CR6-5 is a safe and flexible collaborative robot designed for industry.

The CR6-5 can be easily programmed using a visual environment, drag & drop function and a block programming language.

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What is Dobot CR6-5?

The DOBOT CR6-5 collaborative robot integrates state-of-the-art force sensing technology with trajectory reproduction to meet all types of work needs and increase productivity and business growth in industries.

Advantages of Dobot CR6-5

The advantages of the DOBOT CR6-5 arm include easy and fast integration and an intelligent learning environment that does not require any prior programming knowledge, thus enabling flexible deployment of the arm in work activities.

Flexible and relocatable

Precision 0.03 mm

Working range 900 mm

Payload 5 kg

Easy installation and operation

User friendly

DOBOT CR6-5 is designed for use in small and medium-sized businesses, schools and for anyone who needs a robot with intuitive operation. The CR6-5 is a new generation of intelligent self-learning robot that effectively helps speed up the industrial automation process.