In the DOBOT product range, you will find industrial robots, including collaborative robots, education robots, 3D printers and other accessories. Everything from one manufacturer, fully compatible.

Collaborative robots

The concept of collaborative robots originated in the mid-1990s. Its goal was to create safe robots working alongside humans. Unlike conventional industrial robots, which perform their work on the basis of a fixed program and regardless of the people working around them, collaborative robots are designed to work directly with humans and rid them of monotonous, demanding and dangerous tasks.


Educational robots

An easily programmable robot, which, thanks to its features, is an ideal tool not only for initial acquaintance with robots, but also for effective teaching of their programming. DOBOT Magician is a suitable robot both for complete beginners and for the effective development of knowledge of advanced users and students of technical fields.


For educational robot DOBOT MAGICIAN are available a number of optional accessories. The Linear Rail Kit expands the radius of the robot and with Conveyor Belt Kit you can build a real production line. Vision Kit for Robot significantly advances the use of the robot, and with the Arduino Kit you can take advantage of a wide range of I/O peripherals and create sophisticated applications and simulations.