Dobot M1

DOBOT M1 is one of the most affordable professional SCARA robots designed for light industrial environments.

M1 can perform a number of different functions such as "pick and place" operations, soldering, engraving, etc.

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What is Dobot M1?

DOBOT M1 is an industrial robot ideal for smaller applications. The programming environment allows easy understanding of the principle of robot programming and the laser engraving or 3D printing kit will also support creative skills.

Advantages of Dobot M1

Due to its dimensions and low weight, it is not a problem to move the robot easily and the installation itself does not require any special storage. The maximum reach of the robot is 40 cm and is quite sufficient for most smaller applications. It can handle objects weighing up to 1.5 kg, at speeds of up to 2000 mm / s and with an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

Flexible and relocatable

Precision 0,02 mm

Working range 400 mm

Payload 1,5 kg

Easy installation

Smart interface

You can choose three programming methods in the software. The simplest is the so-called learning, where you manually place the robot arm in the required positions. For more advanced programming, you can use pre-prepared color blocks, in which you just enter the necessary values and you do not have to worry about the syntax of commands. For experienced programmers, there is a writing environment in PYTHON language with useful help.